• Why am I writing this blog?

I really don’t know. Probably majority of the bloggers feel the same way. Nothing is certain. Maybe I just want to share my feelings, maybe I just want to “let it out”, maybe I want to find like-minded people. And maybe little bit of all of them.

  • What will I write?

There will not be a fixed theme for the blog, it will change and evolve like I do. But most probably it will focus on the internal conflicts and opinions of mine about psychology,society and religion. How often you’ll write you may ask. I don’t think I can have either limitations or a quota to fill but this will not be another forgotten blog which gets updated once a year if all.

  • Who am I?

I’ll not share my personal info at this site but I’ll not┬áspecifically hide everything either. What I mean is, there will not be a well constructed biography about me but rather bits of info scattered across my blogs. If you’re more interested about who am I as a person and character you’ll have a better idea after reading my first ever blog.